Friday, December 12, 2008

Its beginning to look, smell, and feel like Christmas

Yes, even I am getting into the spirit. I actually put up my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the front window so the light show and ppl can see them from outside, but the biggest thing, I turned on my outside Christmas lights that have been hanging there for over 15 yrs, and yes surprising to me they still work.

There for the longest I wouldn't do anything because it made me feel sad and more alone, but now, I do it for me and the ppl passing by who see the lights and maybe bring a little light or smile to their lives.

I havent said much about the puppies lately. I still miss them, but I am more grateful for the ones I have. When I sit on the sofa watching tv and Belle, Sam and Chee Chee are all laying there in my lap, half on my lap, right next to me and I here a sigh of contentment from one or all of them at some point how can i not be happy.

Tristan can vouch for this, when I was so sick and was in the bed for a day, they never left my side, as long as i lay in bed they are there. That is such a comfort to me. I appreciate what Tristan did to help out during that time, I appreciate Aylson, Effie's friend who came over and took care of all of us and made sure my two grandsons where taken good care of. I must say it was an experience, but honestly i was so sick I dont remember much about that day.

I just know that I am one blessed person, and am very grateful, for my family, friends, and my loving dogs.