Friday, December 12, 2008

Its beginning to look, smell, and feel like Christmas

Yes, even I am getting into the spirit. I actually put up my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the front window so the light show and ppl can see them from outside, but the biggest thing, I turned on my outside Christmas lights that have been hanging there for over 15 yrs, and yes surprising to me they still work.

There for the longest I wouldn't do anything because it made me feel sad and more alone, but now, I do it for me and the ppl passing by who see the lights and maybe bring a little light or smile to their lives.

I havent said much about the puppies lately. I still miss them, but I am more grateful for the ones I have. When I sit on the sofa watching tv and Belle, Sam and Chee Chee are all laying there in my lap, half on my lap, right next to me and I here a sigh of contentment from one or all of them at some point how can i not be happy.

Tristan can vouch for this, when I was so sick and was in the bed for a day, they never left my side, as long as i lay in bed they are there. That is such a comfort to me. I appreciate what Tristan did to help out during that time, I appreciate Aylson, Effie's friend who came over and took care of all of us and made sure my two grandsons where taken good care of. I must say it was an experience, but honestly i was so sick I dont remember much about that day.

I just know that I am one blessed person, and am very grateful, for my family, friends, and my loving dogs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A lot of feelings

For those of you who do not know, and some who could care less. I called the Humane Society to ck on my pups that are not my pups anymore. Doc and Champ are gone. Magda is suffering from and infection and I can only pray she gets better. I had no idea I would miss them so much. Knowing what i know now I would have never given my puppies away like that. But, what is done is done. and there is no going back.

Now, lets talk about adventures. I am glad my children have never been afraid to go on adventures of all kinds, even if it meant moving far away. That means I done my job and did it well. Now for me on the other hand, sometimes i feel like i cant even go to the bathroom unless i ask someone if its ok. One day I want be afraid to go on adventures, and come back with all kind of tales to share. So dont be surprised when one day you call and I am off seeing the country. I will not ask, advise, or get an opinion. I will just put the girls in the car and go. Thats what I should have done for the past 3 yrs, but fear has always stopped me. I am up to here^ with being afraid go do on adventures by myself. I dont want to stay home all the time and never go anywhere or do anything. Not experiencing life like I told my kids, never be afraid to go and do things. Well look at me afraid to get in my car and just go. Why, I have no clue except always thinking of money, the house, what if something happen and i wasnt home, all those kind of things. So one day soon, I am hitting the road, just so whoever reads this knows.

I am going I dont know, but going and eating new foods, trying different things, and I can assure u I will come back a more adventures person.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Puppies for me to love

On Nov 6th, of this year all my puppies moved on to another life. Maggie went to a lady at the Pets office, I know she is going to be loved and taken care of. My heart breaks and the tears flow when I think of Doc, Champ, and Magda. They went to a no kill shelter. Other than Belle, and Samantha, there were no puppies loved anymore than mine. I hated to let them go, but with money and time there was no other choice. I just pray they find a family that will love, and enjoy them as much as I did for what little time I had them. They were so wonderful and funny.

Yes, I am glad I have Belle, Sam and Chee Chee, but since i had had the puppies since birth i had developed a relationship with each and every one. It still makes me cry to think of them thinking i sent them away when they had given me such devoted love and believed in me to take care of them the best of my ability. I hope one day I will know that they are good and loved.

I know most of you think I am so silly, but when u live alone and come home to your pets who always are so glad to see you and just want to give you love, it makes a big difference.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Smart Puppies

Today is a cold and rainy day. Oh, i had my comfy position in bed all warm and cozy, Belle, Sam and Chee Chee had theirs. Now, go figure the day Comcast is to come and pick up their stuff and cut off my service they would be here early. Not like usual where when u waiting on ur service so u can get online or watch the tube. So the one day I could sleep in I didnt get to, oh well.

Just wanted to share something about the pups today. It being all cold and rainy. I have been keeping them inside in a crate. Even they were sleeping soundly and not whinning to go outside, which was really a surprise to me. Until the comcast man came and woke us all up.

When i went to give them some breakfast, they were in Chee Chee's old dog house that papa had given me when George brought Chee Chee to me. I was just a little surprised thinking they would be under my shop where they usually sleep. But then i get to thinking the ground is cold there is nice warm straw and stuff in the dog house. Now, I think that is so smart of them to all go in the dog house to stay warm and get out of the rain. And they did it on their own. Ok, so I am impressed with them for doing that. What can I say, I think it was smart of them.

Thanks to Rebecca I did sell one of the puppies, I still have four. Even though I have had several calls from the web site I have them on no one has actually come for them. What to do, What to do. Need to get Chee Chee fixed, talked with Wayne Ef's friend yesterday, and he is going to see what he can do. His girlfriend might be able to help me out there.

I dont know if anyone is reading these post. Maybe they are too long, any input would be nice.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mt. Lakes

I cant believe Mt. Lakes still has its charm, warmth, and fun. Even the cabins smell the same as when I and my children used to go up.
Every summer it was something we all looked forward to. I had forgotten what it was like.

My friend Peggy and I were suppose to go caving at Mammoth Cave in Ky. But plans got changed as they do in life so we went to Mt. Lakes. I am so glad I have kept it and I know I will be going back soon. You would not believe how busy it was even on a Monday. With ppl walking the streets in Helen and some with their pets, and yes I mean pets. This time I didnt worry about money, I hate what I wanted and I can not tell you how great it felt. For the first time in my life I ate like I was skinny minnie, and had money in my mattress, LOL, and it felt wonderful. No joke I ate more in three days than I normally eat in a wk. And I dont regret one penny that I spent.

The view is still amazing up at the club house, and the indoor pool and hot tub were so inviting.

Yes, I took a TV and that too was fun in it self, and yes it played me to sleep both nights. I slept in the living room on the footon. Now if i could get internet there now that would be awesome. They do have a few hot spots, just got to know where they are.

Well, thats all on this adventure, hope you enjoyed the news

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well how sad it is I still have 5 little puppies begging for good homes. The vet bills are all I am asking for and right now I have $85.00 in each puppy. I gave the little boy next door a puppy, because I know how much he enjoyed Bell and Sam when he was here playing with Tristan. His Mom and Dad agreed he could have one. They are so cute and lovling little creatures I wish I could keep them all. If I had the money to take care of them as I should I would. So many ppl told me they would help me and no one has been able too. Its really very sad, because I just want to share the love and joy that Bell and Sam have brought to me.

Well I will continue to wait and see what happens. Chee Chee there Mom is just learning how to play, she had never been in a house and I think it was last week she slept in a bed for the first time. I think I have so spoiled her, LOL, she needs to be fixed so she cant have anymore puppies. If Jack cant be the daddy then no need for her to have any more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nana's Companions

Everyday is an adventure for this 58 year old Nana. Even though I am retired, each day is always more exciting than the last. There are no two days alike. When I get up in the mornings, I just don't know where life is going to lead. So, this particular day, my little companion Bell was acting very funny. So I got a wild hair to try this video feature on my phone. An lo' and behold, it worked!! So, I thought I would share with all of you.