Friday, October 24, 2008

Smart Puppies

Today is a cold and rainy day. Oh, i had my comfy position in bed all warm and cozy, Belle, Sam and Chee Chee had theirs. Now, go figure the day Comcast is to come and pick up their stuff and cut off my service they would be here early. Not like usual where when u waiting on ur service so u can get online or watch the tube. So the one day I could sleep in I didnt get to, oh well.

Just wanted to share something about the pups today. It being all cold and rainy. I have been keeping them inside in a crate. Even they were sleeping soundly and not whinning to go outside, which was really a surprise to me. Until the comcast man came and woke us all up.

When i went to give them some breakfast, they were in Chee Chee's old dog house that papa had given me when George brought Chee Chee to me. I was just a little surprised thinking they would be under my shop where they usually sleep. But then i get to thinking the ground is cold there is nice warm straw and stuff in the dog house. Now, I think that is so smart of them to all go in the dog house to stay warm and get out of the rain. And they did it on their own. Ok, so I am impressed with them for doing that. What can I say, I think it was smart of them.

Thanks to Rebecca I did sell one of the puppies, I still have four. Even though I have had several calls from the web site I have them on no one has actually come for them. What to do, What to do. Need to get Chee Chee fixed, talked with Wayne Ef's friend yesterday, and he is going to see what he can do. His girlfriend might be able to help me out there.

I dont know if anyone is reading these post. Maybe they are too long, any input would be nice.

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E. E. White said...

I dunno about anyone else, but I am reading them. The thing about blogging for me is that sometimes it is just as much about getting things out as it is getting feedback. Does that make sense?