Sunday, November 16, 2008

A lot of feelings

For those of you who do not know, and some who could care less. I called the Humane Society to ck on my pups that are not my pups anymore. Doc and Champ are gone. Magda is suffering from and infection and I can only pray she gets better. I had no idea I would miss them so much. Knowing what i know now I would have never given my puppies away like that. But, what is done is done. and there is no going back.

Now, lets talk about adventures. I am glad my children have never been afraid to go on adventures of all kinds, even if it meant moving far away. That means I done my job and did it well. Now for me on the other hand, sometimes i feel like i cant even go to the bathroom unless i ask someone if its ok. One day I want be afraid to go on adventures, and come back with all kind of tales to share. So dont be surprised when one day you call and I am off seeing the country. I will not ask, advise, or get an opinion. I will just put the girls in the car and go. Thats what I should have done for the past 3 yrs, but fear has always stopped me. I am up to here^ with being afraid go do on adventures by myself. I dont want to stay home all the time and never go anywhere or do anything. Not experiencing life like I told my kids, never be afraid to go and do things. Well look at me afraid to get in my car and just go. Why, I have no clue except always thinking of money, the house, what if something happen and i wasnt home, all those kind of things. So one day soon, I am hitting the road, just so whoever reads this knows.

I am going I dont know, but going and eating new foods, trying different things, and I can assure u I will come back a more adventures person.

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Ariyanna Moon said...

You are still adventurous, you just have so many "mini - adventures" going on in your life right now there is no time for the BIG adventure yet. It is coming, I am sure of it. Everyday you walk out of your front door you make it an adventure because you have no idea who you will meet or where you may end up at the end of the day. There have been many times you have not even made it home on some days. That in itself is an adventure. I don't remember the idea of an adventure always being fun, it was just something of the unexpected happening.
At home growing up, everyday was an adventure, as you have said yourself. We never knew what you had in mind for us to do when we got in from school or on the weekends. I see that very much like your life now. You have a GPS because you never know where you will be going next. A planned adventure is really nothing more than a vacation. So maybe what you are needing is a vacation from all of your latest adventures :)