Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Dear what to do

Yesterday for some reason my hip and leg were in so much pain, i just wanted to scream. Rebecca and Tony came over and we did a few projects, I cooked dinner, we had a good time. But I was in so much pain it was all I could do was not cry. It just got worse as the night went on. I took some tynole pm 2 of them and said to myself if these dont take affect by a certain time i was going to drive myself to the hospital. I mean it kept me awake the night before, dont have a clue what the matter is, was thinking blood clot, all kind of terrible things. Well by forty minutes I did have relieve, ahh it felt so good not to be in such pain. It is back this morning. Its not only that pain, but my neck and shoulders I feel like I am falling apart. On top of that the hot water heater is broke so Had to call a plumber out today dont know how much that is going to cost, but its leaking water down the overflow pipe which is making my water bill and electric bill outrages. Could I fix it myself? Dont know, but at the moment i am in so much pain I dont think I could if I could.

I dont know if anyone reads my blogs, i never get any comments, but I write anyway. I dont have babies to write about except for Tristan, Olivia, Connor, and Emily. They are my grandchildren, and for the record i named them in birth order and always will that way no one will ever say i love one more than the other. Cause u cant love one more than the other. Oh my they are all so precious and wonderful it makes me cry and tear up to think of them and just want to hug them all. I so miss not seeing them on a regular base.

I saw Connor sat after i got off work and he actually gave me a hug and didnt spit up on me LOL, it was so precious. I get to see him tomorrow and looking forward to another hug and hearing him laugh. I cant wait. Hip, leg, neck, or shoulder pain is going to keep me away from him tomorrow. I pray anyway.

Thank you to Rebecca and Tony for coming and letting me share with you some of my knowledge yesterday. I know Tony didnt think he did well, but it was awesome what he did, Rebecca did very well and i cant wait to see the finish product. It always takes more time than u think that projects will. So she didnt get to finish had to take it home to finish.

Just for the record, I am so proud of all my children, and this encludes everyone, Tony and Stacey are mine too. I may not have given birth to them, but I love them and would do any thing I could to help them. I could go on and on about Stacey, she is one amazing person, mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and all the other labels she carries. And of course not in those order, but as she is needed.
Tony loves my daughter and he has so many talents, that a lot of ppl never see. He really dont want anyone to know what a great person he is so i want list his assets. But know he truly is a wonderful person.

Ok i have written a book today so this makes up for the past few months.

Laura, I hope ur surgery goes well tomorrow call me if u need me.


L+L=E said...

Hey Nana,

I think my surgery will go splendidly...it was rescheduled :-p

I always read your blogs and feel very blessed that you consider Emily one of yours. I'll have to start getting her over to visit more.

Much love to you!

Ariyanna Moon said...

I too read your blog, I just don't get on here frequently enough. I also haven't been posting to mine regularly, I don't feel I have much productive to say. I could write about school, maybe I'll try to remember the funny bits and post them sometimes. ANYWAY, thank you for letting Tony and I come over. I really had no idea you were in so much pain, you didn't show it at all! I hope you are feeling better now and if that leg starts to cause problems again I do hope you go have it looked at because a blood clot is a VERY SERIOUS thing and they can remove it before it causes more severe problems. We did have a good time, even Tony, though he will never admit it, I know he did, he "bragged" about it to everyone he talks to! I do need to get you pics or webcam my bowl. Still working on the table runner but I better get it done quick with company coming. Thank you for teaching me, it was fun and I look forward to us working on more projects. I even bought a book for us to share with some cool stuff in it.

L+L=E said...

Hey Nana, what's going on lately with you?